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California Pro Bono Requirements



In 2012, the State Bar of California Board of Trustees (BOT) approved the appointment of the Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform that examined whether the State Bar should develop a regulatory requirement for a pre-admission competency training program. The Task Force subsequently issued three recommendations for pre-and post-admission competency training requirements, including 50 hours of legal services specifically devoted to pro bono or modest means clients. The Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform Phase II - Implementation unanimously voted to send the final recommendations to the BOT. In November 2014, the BOT adopted the final implementing recommendations and directed the California State Bar staff to pursue adoption of the recommended Rule of Court, legislation, and State Bar Rules. As of September 2016 the State Bar Board of Trustees has shelved the 50 hour requirement for admission to the State Bar.


ยท California State Bar Task Force on Admissions Regulations Reform