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Self-Reflection Questions


This resource was shared with PSJD courtesy of Gonzaga University School of Law

In your first year of law school, you may not know what practice area interests you or what type of legal career appeals to you. This makes sense because you may not have any experience in the law—or if you do have experience, it may be in only one practice area. This doesn’t mean, however, that you “have no idea” about what you want. You do have some ideas based on your prior life and educational experiences which can give you an indication of what experiences you would most enjoy going forward. Below are some questions to help you distill those prior experiences into ideas for what might be a good fit for you going forward.

  • When have I felt most successful?
  • How do I define success? Money? Prestige? Right relationships? Helping others?
  • What do I most enjoy doing?
  • What experiences energize me?
  • What experiences drain me?
  • What did I dream of being when I was a child? Why did that appeal to me then?
  • What motivates me?
  • If I am scared, what motivates me to try anyway?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • When do I feel most like “myself?”
  • When do I feel like I am “out of my body?”
  • What experiences do I most try to avoid? Why? What could I gain if I pushed myself to do it anyway?
  • What do I not want others to know about me?
  • What would happen if others knew that about me?
  • What are my goals? For this year? Next year? Five years?

Picture yourself five years from now: happy, fulfilled, enjoying success as you define it. Write a detailed description of what that looks like.

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