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State & Local Government Career Resources

Just like the federal government, state and local government attorneys handle a broad range of legal issues and are housed in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.  Think of any area of our everyday lives that is subject to government regulation – government attorneys are at work to craft policy, draft laws and rules, advise elected and appointed officials, and represent the interests of citizens in court.

Because each state and local government organization abide by individual jurisdictions and separate hiring practices, it is best to research each entity for details on different types of organizations, hiring policies, etc.  Listed below are resources to assist in finding detailed information on each State and Local government organization:

PSJD's State and Local Government Resources by State is an extensive list of websites for state and local agencies that hire attorneys and/or law students. It is easily searchable by state, and includes lists for several major cities as well.

State and Local Government on the Net is a helpful resource that provides access to thousands of websites for state agencies and city and county governments. 

Careers in State and Local Government is an extensive resource prepared by Harvard's Office of Public Interest Advising. provides a great deal of websites for State, Local, and Tribal government organizations.

ABA Section of State and Local Government Law is an association for lawyers involved in urban, state, and local government law and policy.  Lawyers representing government agencies nationwide utilize the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law to access information on issues that relate to their practice.

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