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Fellowships 2.0 Webinar Series and Tip Sheet

The SoCal Pro Bono Managers, in conjunction with One Justice, share this six-part webinar on postgraduate legal fellowships. This is an in-depth training on how students can prepare, plan and write a public interest fellowship proposal.

Web Series

  1. Public Interested?

    This segment provides guidance on why a student might want to consider a postgraduate fellowship, how to research fellowship opportunities and how the foundation for obtaining a postgraduate fellowship can be laid in your 1L and 2L years. (16:02 min.)

  2. Fellowships - What, When, Who?

    This segment describes the different types of postgraduate opportunities, general application timeframes, research tools and how to determine the type of fellowship that best fits with your career goals. (12:56 min.)

  3. Project-Based Fellowships: Developing a Project

    This segment, and those that follow, focus on project-based fellowships. This segment focuses on how to conceptualize a potential legal service project that you might propose and how students and host agencies negotiate the ultimate legal project that they propose to the funder. (14:22 min.)

  4. Project-Based Fellowships: Finding a Host

    This segment focuses on finding a host agency for a project-based fellowship -- how to locate potential host agencies, how to approach agencies, and how to determine which host agency is the best fit for you and your project. (24:14 min.)

  5. Project-Based Fellowships: Writing the Application

    This segment provides guidance on writing the fellowship application, including tips for developing a positive, professional working relationship with your host, the drafting process and how to develop a personal statement. (26:23 min.)

  6. Interviewing

    This segment focuses on how to prepare for the interview, tips for the interview itself, and best practices for following up with your host after the interview. (19:20 min.)

Tip Sheet

Southern California Pro Bono Managers Tips From the Trenches

This tip sheet summarizes the information from the webinars in a printable resource.

Thank you to the committee that produced the webinars and tip sheet:

  1. Laura Cohen, Esq., Southwestern Law School
  2. David Daniels, Esq., Pro Bono Director of Public Counsel
  3. Pamela Marx, Esq., Mental Health Advocacy Services
  4. Rachel Kronick Rothbart, Esq., University of Southern California Gould School of Law
  5. Patrick Fodell, One Justice