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PSJD: A NALP Initiative

Sample Networking Contacts Spreadsheet

Networking is simply creating and cultivating relationships. One key ingredient to a successful networking strategy is a comprehensive way to keep track of your contacts so that you can continue growing the relationship after the first meeting. Here is a sample spreadsheet contributed by the University of Windsor Faculty of Law that you can use for your networking plan.

Name Employer Email & Phone How we met Most recent contact Introduced me to Other notes
Joe Schmoe Ministry of the Environment

(when we met: same)


My supervisor during 2L summer
E-mailed update on October 12, 2016
John Doe Windsor Law Class of 1995. Provided me with a reference letter
Jane Doe Sole Practitioner - Criminal Law and Family Law Practice


Reached out to her through LinkedIn in January 2045 Had coffee on September 17, 2016 John Roe, Joan Doe Always hiking in interesting places
Joan Doe Cavalluzzo (when we met: United Steelworkers)


Introduced by Jane Doe at a bar association event in February 2015 Phone call on July 18, 2016
John Smith
Windsor Law Class of 2010. Told me to join the Labour & Employment Law Society
John Doe
Legal Aid Ontario (when we met: Ministry of the Environment)


Former co-worker during my 2L summer E-mailed on June 12, 2016 Jane Roe (his wife, who works at Gowling WLG) Prefers e-mail over LinkedIn messages.
Joe Bloggs
Miller Canfield (when we met: same)


Met at the Detroit Bench and Bar event in on October 13, 2016 Connected on LinkedIn on October 14, 2016 N/A Practices immigration law.
Produced by the Windsor Law Career Services Office
University of Windsor