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Sample Networking Contacts Spreadsheet

Networking is simply creating and cultivating relationships. One key ingredient to a successful networking strategy is a comprehensive way to keep track of your contacts so that you can continue growing the relationship after the first meeting. Here is a sample spreadsheet contributed by the University of Windsor Faculty of Law that you can use for your networking plan.

Name Employer Email & Phone How we met Most recent contact Introduced me to Other notes
Joe Schmoe Ministry of the Environment

(when we met: same)

[email protected]


My supervisor during 2L summer
E-mailed update on October 12, 2016
John Doe Windsor Law Class of 1995. Provided me with a reference letter
Jane Doe Sole Practitioner - Criminal Law and Family Law Practice
[email protected]


Reached out to her through LinkedIn in January 2045 Had coffee on September 17, 2016 John Roe, Joan Doe Always hiking in interesting places
Joan Doe Cavalluzzo (when we met: United Steelworkers) [email protected]


Introduced by Jane Doe at a bar association event in February 2015 Phone call on July 18, 2016
John Smith
Windsor Law Class of 2010. Told me to join the Labour & Employment Law Society
John Doe
Legal Aid Ontario (when we met: Ministry of the Environment) [email protected]


Former co-worker during my 2L summer E-mailed on June 12, 2016 Jane Roe (his wife, who works at Gowling WLG) Prefers e-mail over LinkedIn messages.
Joe Bloggs
Miller Canfield (when we met: same) [email protected]


Met at the Detroit Bench and Bar event in on October 13, 2016 Connected on LinkedIn on October 14, 2016 N/A Practices immigration law.
Produced by the Windsor Law Career Services Office
University of Windsor