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Government Furloughs in the News (COVID-19)
Mar 09, 2022

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spreads across the country, state and local governments--along with tribal governments and some federal agencies--are furloughing staff. Others are affirmatively announcing they do not intend to furlough their workers. We will do our best to collect news about these policy changes, using official sources whenever possible (indicated by the icon next to a news item). Whether these policies specifically affect hiring for the types of positions we advertise on PSJD will vary across different governmental employers.

Do not draw conclusions about staffing directly from this page. Instead, use this page as a jumping-off-point for your own inquiries with government employers. If a furlough has been reported in the news, consider reaching out to government employers that may be affected by the announced freeze to ask them how the policy has affected their staffing plans.