PSJD - Your Pathway to Public Service Legal Careers. A NALP Initiative.

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Law School Administrators

Click here to view the downloadable PSJD Law School Administrator Guide, complete with step-by-step setup instructions and information on how to use PSJD.

Are you a career advisor searching for the latest job opportunities for public interest law students? PSJD allows career advisors and staff persons in career development offices at PSJD subscriber schools to have the same access to PSJD’s job opportunities and employer profiles that their students and alumni do.  And through the new version of PSJD, multiple staff members may keep separate usernames and passwords, rather than your whole office sharing one username/password.

In addition, you and your colleagues may view and manage the user accounts of your school’s student and alumni registered users.  Finally, you should take advantage of the publicly available career-building resources in PSJD's Resource Center to supplement your direct counseling. Subscriber schools are obligated to forward all public interest job postings to either individually or in a batch format. If you have questions, please contact us at or (202) 296-0076.