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Public Service Attorney Salary Report

NALP's 2018 Public Service Attorney Salary Survey is available as a benefit of PSJD membership. The links in the sidebar will take you to the various sections of the report, if you have a valid account. In order to view the report you must have one of the following:

  • A PSJD Jobseeker account.

  • A PSJD School Administrator account.

    • These accounts are available for free to staff at PSJD's subscriber schools.
    • Write to if you believe you are eligible for such an account. (Be sure to write from your official email address.)
  • A special account purchased via the NALP Bookstore.

    • The 2018 report is also available for purchase in the NALP bookstore.
    • Purchasers will be able to download the report immediately, and will also receive login information for using the interactive version on
    • NB: Participants in the 2018 Public Service Attorney Salary survey were contacted with their special account access details on Monday, July 9th.

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You should see a blue sidebar with the report sections immediately to the left of this text (on desktops) or immediately below it (on mobile). (See the desktop screenshot and mobile screenshot to see what we mean.) If you do not see this sidebar, it means that your browser did not load the code library powering the interactive online report. This code library is hosted in Google Tag Manager, a service that several privacy-related browser extensions (such as Ghostery and Privacy Badger) and browser settings (such as Firefox's 'Do Not Track' feature) disable. The code library that powers this report does not itself track users or collect any information; the extent to which PSJD tracks user activity is discussed in PSJD's Privacy Policy. In order to use the online, interactive version of the report you will need to create an exception to your privacy settings for or visit the report using a browser that does not include these tools.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Google Tag Manager is a powerful, general-purpose service that has played a critical role in allowing us to offer this interactive feature. If you are uncomfortable running Google Tag Manager in your browser, you can still access the report as a static PDF; please write us at to request a copy directly (which we will provide if you write from an email address associated with an eligible PSJD account).