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NALP Public Service Attorney Salary Report

NALP's Public Service Attorney Salary Report is available either (1) as a benefit of PSJD membership (as either a jobseeker or a school administrator) or (2) as a separately-purchased item via the NALP bookstore. If you are logged in to PSJD with an account that is entitled to view one of these reports, you will see a navigation tool just above this text that will let you browse the various sections of the report. If you do not see this navigation tool, you are either not logged in to PSJD or you are logged in with an account that is not entitled to access our salary data.

In order to view the report you must have one of the following:

  1. A PSJD Jobseeker account.
  2. A PSJD School Administrator account.
  3. A special account purchased via the NALP Bookstore.

NOTE: Participants in the Public Service Attorney Salary Survey are entitled to free access to the Salary Report NALP published based on their contributions. If your organization participated in our salary survey for a particular report year and you would like free access to that report, please write to [email protected] to request your free access.