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Employers' Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, as NALP staff answer questions from employers over email, we add the answers we rely on frequently to this page. If you have a question that isn’t covered below, you can always write to us at [email protected]. (You can write to us regardless, but to save ourselves some time if your question is one we answer on this page we may refer you here as a first step.) You can find a list of questions in the menu bar above labeled “Choose a different article section…”

Which organizations can advertise jobs on PSJD?

Employers who qualify as “Public Service Employer Organizations” under PSJD’s Terms of Use may advertise on PSJD.

What about recruitment firms? Can we advertise on PSJD for qualifying clients?

Third-party recruitment firms can work with PSJD to advertise for employers who qualify as “Public Service Employer Organizations” under PSJD’s Terms of Use, but third-party firms may not use PSJD’s employer tools directly. If you would like to advertise on PSJD for one of your clients, please email your job notice to [email protected]. Our data entry team will work with you (if the job and employer meet our Terms of Use) to get your notice onto PSJD. We will also send you a printout of the position as it appears on PSJD to show to your client as proof of work.

Which jobs can my organization advertise on PSJD?

Qualifying employers can advertise any “Legal Sector Job Announcements,” as defined by PSJD’s Terms of Use. positions which either require or prefer candidates with formal legal training (legal degree holders or law students working to attain legal degrees).

Why should my organization advertise on PSJD?

If you’re a public service employer looking for candidates with legal training, we can provide you with a well-tailored, broadly-sourced applicant pool at a price that can’t really be beat. Most law schools in North America are subscribers to PSJD, and between 3,000 and 5,000 unique jobseekers from these institutions login to the site each month (both law students and graduates–you can follow that link to see how our jobseeker audience breaks down by level of experience). These schools’ subscription fees allow NALP to offer a service where employers can advertise jobs for free, and law students and alumni can browse job notices for free as well.

Wait… What does it cost to advertise on PSJD?!

PSJD is free for qualifying employers.

Free advertising!?! What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. PSJD does not require job applicants to file their applications through our service (applications will still reach your organization through whatever email or web service you have specified in your job prospectus). NALP is able to offer this service to public service employers for free because PSJD is financed through subscription fees paid by law schools. (You can look at our list of subscriber schools if you want to know who to thank.)

How can my organization advertise on PSJD?

Organizations can advertise on PSJD by completing two steps:

  1. Create (or Claim) a PSJD Organization Profile.

    Every job notice on PSJD is tied to an organization profile in our Employer Directory. So before your organization advertises with PSJD, you’ll need to create a PSJD Organization Profile by filling out this form. In the course of filling out the form, you may see a pop-up message warning you that there are already similar profiles in our directory. These similar profiles may have been created by one of your colleagues, or they may have been set up by PSJD Staff (more on this in a moment). The computer may also just be wrong and they may be profiles for unrelated organizations.

    PSJD Duplicate Employer Profile Popup: A screenshot example of the pop-up organizations see when setting up a new profile for which similar profiles already exist in the PSJD Employer Directory (the example uses profiles on PSJD related to the ACLU).
    PSJD Duplicate Employer Profile Popup

    If you see a pop-up like this and none of the organizations it lists sound like your organization, you can close the pop-up and continue setting up a new profile. If you see a profile listed that looks like your organization, please stop setting up a new profile and write to [email protected] to claim the existing profile. Once we give you access, you will be able to edit the profile and advertise jobs with it.1Footnote 1

  • Advertise a Job via that Organization Profile.

    Once you’ve either set up or claimed an organization profile on PSJD, you will have a username and password you can use to log in to PSJD and advertise jobs under that profile. (The login fields for the site are located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.) You will also be able to use this login to review other jobs advertised underneath your profile (including job ads posted by PSJD’s Data Entry Team) and to view some basic analytics showing you how PSJD’s audience of law students and law graduates is responding to your ad.

    How did my job ad get on PSJD if my organization never posted it?

    In addition to job advertisements posted directly by employers, NALP employs a small team of paid student interns who (when we have the capacity) process job tips passed to us by our network of subscriber schools and that the PSJD Team learns about through independent research online. PSJD began as a network of law schools sharing information about public service job opportunities with one another; our data entry work is an extension of that model. The PSJD Data Entry Team takes pains to notify every employer on whose behalf it posts a job tip (you or one of your colleagues can expect an email from us with the subject line “Job Notice Cross-Posted on Our Site”) and employers who would like to ensure that only materials they post directly appear on PSJD can write to [email protected] and ask to opt-out of our tip queue.

    If you have a Data Entry Team, can they just post my job ad for me?

    If you write to PSJD with a job tip, we will enter your tip into our tip queue for our Data Entry Team to process, but please understand that we offer this service to employers as a courtesy and without any guarantees. The capacity of our Data Entry Team fluctuates throughout the year (it’s composed of students) and the Team also handles a variety of other tasks for us. NALP makes no guarantees that any tip you send to us will be entered onto PSJD in a timely manner–or even that any individual tip will be entered at all. (If you send us a job tip and we are able to enter it onto PSJD for you, you can expect the same “Job Notice Cross-Posted on Our Site” email we send for each tip we process.)

    In short, the best way to guarantee that your job is advertised on PSJD is to log onto the site and post the job notice directly. If you run into any trouble with this process, we are happy to assist you via email ([email protected]) or phone (202-296-0076).